LuminaCare Solutions provides cloud-based software

Tools to personalize treatments for patients to give the right drug,
at the right dose and right time.

Hospitals and Affordable Care Organizations

Resistant bacterial infections increase the cost of care for patients adding $10 – $20 billion in excess costs to the US healthcare system. Hospitals are under pressure to improve the outcomes of patients. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have ceased paying for certain hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) and adding penalties for the frequency of HAIs and re-admissions. LuminaCare Solutions can help providers reduce un-reimbursed costs due to inappropriate treatments of patients, as well as improve the outcomes for patients with serious bacterial infections.

Clinical Trial Design

Using tools from our developing platform LuminaCare Solutions provides an integrated service for enabling the development of antibiotics against drug resistant bacterial infections. Our system facilitates streamlined development programs for pharmaceutical companies by providing the technology to select patients with the desired antibiotic resistant bacterial infection. This will lead to shorter-duration clinical trials, and decreasing the associated costs for the clinical trials.

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