LuminaCare Solutions provides cloud-based software

Tools to personalize treatments for patients to give the right drug,
at the right dose and right time.

We have developed new models to rapidly guide the selection of appropriate antibacterial treatments for each patient within 24 hours minimizing the length of hospital stay and cost of patient care. Using the correct antibiotic within 24 hours of infection has been demonstrated to dramatically decrease the length of hospital stay by at least 40%.

Competitive strengths:

Our cloud-based clinical decision support platform enables us to determine the right drug for each patient through integration of patient characteristics, drug properties and efficacy models. LuminaCare Solutions is uniquely differentiated from other infection software platforms because it is the only product to decrease the time to selection of appropriate treatment to less than 24 hours for the patient with measurable outcomes for patient responses to confirm treatment effectiveness.

LuminaCare Solutions has a sustainable competitive advantage based on:

  • our platform is aligned with recent CDC and IDSA guidelines for treating and reducing the generation of resistant bacteria through misuse of antibacterial drugs
  • our platform will guide personalized treatments with measurable and confirmable outcomes for the patient and not solely based on guidances and rules-based systems
  • our ability to select appropriate treatments based on observable patient characteristics (age, sex, weight, etc), drug properties and diagnostic results and not dependent on patient-history as current Antimicrobial Stewardship methodologies
  • our proprietary analytic algorithms are not dependent on diagnostic test used
  • our proprietary analytic algorithms are not dependent on knowledge of the bacterial epidemiology of hospital or local environments enabling the technology to be used in development of new antibacterial drugs and enabling point-of-care treatment of patients outside of hospital setting.

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Our platform will address:

LuminaCare Solutions is developing a SaaS application for hospitals that rapidly identifies (<12h) correct treatment for bacterial infections.

  • CMS Never-events, defined as un-reimbursed incidents:

    Cuts losses from hospital-acquired infection never-events by 40% or more

  • Readmission Penalties: Reduces generation of drug-resistant bacteria

    Reduce risk of readmission for pneumonia

    Reduce costs of care for COPD and other patients with chronic conditions

  • Brings together Infectious Disease, Clinical Pharmacology and Epidemiology into one interface for coordinated care