The Top 7 Boston-Area Startups to Watch in 2016

The Top 7 Boston-Area Startups to Watch in 2016

by Anisha Sekar on December 9, 2015


Between Harvard, MIT, and other top universities; a thriving biotech scene fostered by premier hospitals; and the intellectual capital housed in Kendall Square alone, it’s no surprise that Boston’s startup scene is thriving. In fact, Cambridge and Boston took home the third- and fourth-most venture capital funding in 2015, behind only San Francisco and New York. With new startups being formed every day, which ones are in the sweet spot of proven success with room to grow? Our algorithm has identified the under-the-radar companies with the investors, influence, hiring trajectory and quality that are leading indicators of success.

DataFox crunched the numbers to find the 7 early-stage startups located in and around Boston poised for a breakout year in 2016. We analyzed over 150 pre-Series A companies founded after 2012, and ranked them by our proprietary Growth Score, the output of a machine-learning algorithm to predict revenue growth. Here are the early-stage Boston area startups to watch in the coming year.


5. LuminaCare Solutions


Another biotechnology standout, LuminaCare uses predictive analytics to help doctors prescribe the most effective drugs for an individual patient, and to predict a patient’s response to those drugs. Its cloud-based platform aggregates patient data, and using proprietary algorithms, recommends data-driven interventions tailored to the patient. The company is gearing up to run patient trials in the U.S., U.K. and South Africa, and its product is right in line with President Obama’s 2015 plan to fight superbugs in hospitals.

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