LuminaCare Solutions Selected as Innovative Startup in PM360’s Innovator Issue

Innovators 2015: Startups

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LuminaCare Solutions

David Howe, CEO and Co-Founder

Treating patients with infectious disease is difficult for physicians. Currently, one out of every two hospitalized patients is taking antibiotics with about half of the patients on antibiotics taking two or more antibiotics. Nearly 80% of U.S. hospitals prescribe inappropriate or redundant antibiotic combinations. The overuse of antibiotics in hospitals has contributed to increases in prevalence of drug-resistant bacterial infections after surgeries and chemotherapy with 50% of infections after surgery and 25% of infections after chemotherapy resistant to standard antibiotics. LuminaCare Solutions, founded in 2013, develops predictive analytics to reduce the time for selecting appropriate antibiotic treatments. The company’s precision medicine product and proprietary algorithms will provide physicians with a tool that integrates new bacterial diagnostic tools, drug information and patient information all in a cloud-based application. The algorithms use patient characteristics, identified bacteria and drug information to personalize the treatment to the patient, rapidly determine whether the bacteria are susceptible to the treatment and predict patient outcome. Meanwhile, the product will decrease the time required to discover the appropriate antibiotic treatment from two or more days to less than eight hours. This not only reduces the severity of the illness, but the length of hospital stay by two or more days. Currently, the company is developing predictive analytics for tuberculosis, pneumonia and other respiratory infections in patients with COPD and asthma and will start trials to demonstrate outcome improvement in patients in 2016.

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