The right drug at the right dose and right time


Cloud-based predictive health analytics platform empowers
physicians to select the right drug for their patient.

Our Mission


To give each patients the best care by providing evidence-based tools to physicians to guide in the selection of the Right Drug, at the Right Dose and Right Time for each patient. Our first product for treating patients with serious bacterial infections, Minerva, is a cloud-based predictive health analytics platform. Minerva enables the rapid selection of appropriate antibiotics for treating the bacterial infection in hours versus the days that it currently takes now. Decreasing the time that the patient receives effective treatment improves outcomes while reducing the severity of the infection. We are tackling treating patients with serious bacterial infections including bacterial infections caused by multidrug resistant bacteria and tuberculosis.

Our Team


Our team has experience from modeling and simulation of drug exposures and outcomes, health care technology, big data analytics, clinical infectious disease management, platform design, strategic partnerships, marketing, finance and operations backgrounds. Bringing patient-saving technology to fruition requires a talented and diverse team . LuminaCare Solutions has the team to makethis vision a reality.

Dr. David Howe

Co-Founder & CEO

Stephen Chiricosta

Co-Founder & COO

Resistant bacterial infections


The first products being developed addresses tuberculosis (TB) and multi-drug resistant TB infections and hospital-acquired infections. Our solution is designed to rapidly have the patient on the right antibiotic for their infection. Our platform reduces the time from days for confirmation of resistance and selection of drug to hours. Having the patient with a serious bacterial infection on an appropriate antibiotic within hours greatly reduces the severity of the illness and shortens the time the patient is in the hospital which reduces costs.